A few more Star Wars sketches

As usual, inventions without reference by the pad in Prismacolor and ink.

Post Intro

This group ( 2 ) of sketches are based upon more recollections from Star Wars and the models I have built, plus one that is pure ironic fantasy.

Sketch 1

Nebulon cruiser..’ Into the Deep’. I built an un-detailed model of this out of foamcore… the overall shape is not difficult to draw,  then just added fake greebly!

Sketch 2

Miscellaneous spacecraft designs.

Sketch 3

Gozanti cruisers… ‘Planet Fall’. One of these glides by in the background early in Episode 1

Sketch 4

Gozanti cruiser… ‘Across the Rift’

Sketch 5

‘A Face in the Ruin’ Love the idea of robots feeling puzzlement!

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