Miscellaneous Sci-fi and some Blunt Force Saga sketches

Post Intro

This group of (6) sketches are pure inventions with a couple hatched from the Expanse drama, one just an ominous fantasy and the rest early concepts from my novella ’ The Blunt Force Saga’ which you will see much more of, on down the road .

Sketch 1

An arrival and a background departure, from a mining port in the belt.

Sketch 2

A second sketch of a departure based more closely on the ‘Rocinante’.

Sketch 3

A fantasy city, about to be visited by a vague but not incidental menace.

Sketch 4

A concept sketch of The Blunt Force troopers.

Sketch 5

A ‘Blunt Force’ mech, just one of many emerging designs being developed.

Sketch 6

An early mech used as a demo subject in gouache.

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