Prismacolor/ink sketches

Dropship ‘ForceAwakens’ concept
SciFi #4
Gozanti Cruiser
Gozanti Cruiser 2
Concept Ship 1
concept ship 2
concept ships 3
concept ships 4
Tilt rotor concept
After Expanse II
After Expanse III
Blunt Force Saga-NavBaseTarsus
Blunt Force Saga-Pulsewave Generator Tarsus
Blunt Force Saga-Concept Ship #5
Blunt Force Saga- Ore Carrier #1 on Nissium3
Blunt Force Saga- Ore carrier in orbit Nissium3
Blunt Force Saga-NavForce Cruiser
Blunt Force Saga-Alien ship concept
Blunt Force Saga-Mining outpost on Etamin5
Blunt Force Saga- Tactical Holosphere
Blunt Force Saga-mining scout vehicle concepts
Blunt Force Saga- Aptol7 typical class 2 shuttle
Blunt Force Saga-Mizia mine facility in moonlight

Recent IG posts oil

Plein air near Villa Torrigiani… Tuscany

1 hour demo for ‘Landscape Painting Essentials’ streaming class.

A, largely rearranged, abandoned trailer park scene from photos of the Anza Borrego

A sceene on the edge of Merriman Nebraska

A roadside view north of Potrero California

An abandoned homestead and Ford Galaxy south of Durango Colorado

The Double RL ranch west of Ridgeway Colorado

A 1 hour demo for the ‘Essentials of Landscaping’ streaming class

Canyonlands… an adjusted view with liberties taken in Casein 10×14

Fisher Towers… Moab, Utah

An old fuel depot at roadside…Gothengurg Nebraska

A last light study in Surprise Valley California

Presidio Canyon Park… plein air oil 12×16

Small study showing typical step by step

New Mexico roadside view… typical steps 8×10

Tuscan plein air landscape 12×16

Class demo in San Pasqual Valley

Roadside plein air study in New Mexico

Class demo of an Iowa rail bridge

Large oil from a rainy day cctv shot of Times Square

The Sea House at Sunset Cliffs

A classic Stardestroyer shot

Chaco Canyon wash 9×13 Gouache study

Abandoned House on Ivanpah Road as it appeared in 2004 before trash eas removed. casein 10×14

a 10×14 casein of the Estudillo House in old town San Diego

A 10 x 14 casein of a charming Santa Fe home on Canyon Road

Chaco Canyo ruins & Fajada Butte

A retake of a famous scene from empire Strikes Back

Chaco Canyon ruins

Martinez Canyon Mine

Chaco Canyon #2

Chaco Canyon # 1

Owens Valley Cottonwoods against the high Sierras

An exposed slope along Japatul Valley Road

The Vermillion Cliffs at last light

A memorable scene from Dances With Wolves

A study of a bedouin tent assignment for one of my gouache classes