As an instructor at the Watts Atelier and based upon numerous student requests, I am offering this website. It will present not just my past demos and sketches, but current example posts as well for a wider audience viewing. The much varied content, descriptive of my long and varied career as an illustrator, will defy easy categorizing, but will hopefully be at least entertaining. I look forward to your comments.



Industrial Landscape
Argument north woods…class assignment… my quick solution
Tilt rotor concept Prismacolor and ink
Drop ship concept Prismacolor and ink
St Lo gouache demo 4 hrs
Barquentine before the gale… Demo 4 hrs
The Warlord gouache from an Icelandic sculpture
Amazon gouache demo 2 hrs
Castle Dracula Gouache study
Headless Horseman Demo 3 hrs
Churchyard Cemetery Demo
Ardennes Winter… Atelier gouache Demo 3 hrs
Siege gouache concept
Merchantman on the high sea WWII_gouache demo 1 hour online
Temple of the Crescent Moon Gouache Demo 3 hrs
Temple of the Ape King
Ghostly Galleon
Tomb Raider gouache demo 2 hrs
Environmental design… Blunt Force Saga



Nemo’s Divers…first of a set of memory sketches on Verne’s tale
The Great Hall …class assignment study
Monument Valley 2200
The Nautilus Anchored in Volcania caldera
Nemos divers and crusted treasure
Chateau D’IF the rockbound prison isle…concept sketch
A mud temple concept of some significance on a desert moon.
Desert moon locals, with a high speed visitor…concept
Scattered line of warriors home bound…concept