Memories of Captain Nemo


The continuing theme for this blog will be along an instructional path. The process ( just my approach and thoughts…no more! ) of concepting environments, architecture, hardware, characters and the telling of a story. The majority, inventions without reference.

Post Intro

This group of sketches are on the topic of Jules Vernes ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’. These are all inventions from memory with the extra advantage that I built a model of the sub and things tend to stick in your mind.

Sketch 1

A diver…not terribly accurate… but the huge helmet / backpack and skinny figure are the kinds of things to make note of; along with stirred up silt.

Sketch 2

Here are more divers, a crusted chest and of course the Nautilus. The composition has gotten more difficult and since done at one sitting without tracing paper and such… in need of some adjustments.

Sketch 3

Here the Nautilus is at anchor in the caldera of Volcania with some conceptual structures in the distance

Sketch 4

I was focusing on the figure of Captain Nemo here and decided to add the man at the wheel. The figures are descent, but the actual bridge arrangement is all wrong. Hey…its just a sketch!


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