Hunter and Bear Encounter

Post Intro

These drawings were demos for a class exercise. The subject was a hunter and a chance encounter with an Alaskan brown bear on a hard scrabble beach. Four different compositions are shown along with the supporting sketches.

Sketch 1

A full page of bear gestures. I studied some photos and then put them away and tried to remember its most important characteristics. This keeps your sketches fresher.

Sketch 2

The next step was developing four compositions with little detail. Most are views from near the hunter, but one takes us out near the bear for a fresh viewpoint.

Sketch 3

A series of studies to get the hunter a bit more developed.

Sketch 4

I cleaned up the composition sketches with all the elements in place and a little nicer drawing.

Sketch 5

This is the final developed composition of the encounter. There is very real eye contact between the adversaries here!

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