Mud Hut Concepts


The continuing theme for this blog will be along an instructional path. The process ( just my approach and thoughts…no more! ) of Concepting: Environments, Architecture, Hardware, Characters and the Telling of a Story. The odd sketches with no particular purpose will also pop up. The majority will be inventions without reference.

Mud-Hut Post Intro

I was working on a desert shelter made of mud and a few sticks using Bedouin and Southwest American Indian influences to see what might emerge. As at the Watts Atelier…I try to structure assignments that mirror real world tasks.

Sketch 1

Built on high ground with organic forms, it is taking advantage of prevailing winds to carry smoke away…concept 1


Sketch 2

Built at the high end of a natural trough…this version is larger, more open and uses a more aggressive arrangement of sticks, producing an almost insect-like look. Smoke is always a great device to add life…concept 2

Sketch 3

This is: to the locals, a larger and much more important structure (A temple?) The bright saline flats beyond the peak gives a bleak and hostile feel to this imagined desert moon of the distant ringed world. Such visual cues add enormously to a concept…concept 3

Sketch 4

Continuing with the mud hut idiom of the locals, a blinding sunrise ( Ps ) and unexpected high speed visitor have been added…concept 4


The second part of visual magic comes with exotic sounding names writers give to our creations i.e. The mud huts of the Umec on the hostile desert moon Phystan. Writers could do much better!

Hope to see you back Soon

From ‘Telling the Story’ Atelier assignment

This was a Stephen King style assignment with horror overtones. This first image includes the paragraph the students had to solve and my quick one hour solution depicting the first sight event shot.

My second solution to the actual arrival at the grim roadhouse. My time for this sketch…about 2 hours. Prismacolor and ink over a very light soft pencil preliminary on toned paper. You will see me use this approach extensively as it allows brights to function better while having no effect on the darks.