Recent IG posts oil

Plein air near Villa Torrigiani… Tuscany
1 hour demo for ‘Landscape Painting Essentials’ streaming class.
A, largely rearranged, abandoned trailer park scene from photos of the Anza Borrego
A sceene on the edge of Merriman Nebraska
A roadside view north of Potrero California
An abandoned homestead and Ford Galaxy south of Durango Colorado
The Double RL ranch west of Ridgeway Colorado
A 1 hour demo for the ‘Essentials of Landscaping’ streaming class

Canyonlands… an adjusted view with liberties taken in Casein 10×14
Fisher Towers… Moab, Utah
An old fuel depot at roadside…Gothengurg Nebraska
A last light study in Surprise Valley California
Presidio Canyon Park… plein air oil 12×16
Small study showing typical step by step
New Mexico roadside view… typical steps 8×10
Tuscan plein air landscape 12×16
Class demo in San Pasqual Valley
Roadside plein air study in New Mexico
Class demo of an Iowa rail bridge
Large oil from a rainy day cctv shot of Times Square
The Sea House at Sunset Cliffs
A classic Stardestroyer shot
Chaco Canyon wash 9×13 Gouache study
Abandoned House on Ivanpah Road as it appeared in 2004 before trash eas removed. casein 10×14
a 10×14 casein of the Estudillo House in old town San Diego
A 10 x 14 casein of a charming Santa Fe home on Canyon Road
Chaco Canyo ruins & Fajada Butte
A retake of a famous scene from empire Strikes Back
Chaco Canyon ruins
Martinez Canyon Mine
Chaco Canyon #2
Chaco Canyon # 1
Owens Valley Cottonwoods against the high Sierras
An exposed slope along Japatul Valley Road
The Vermillion Cliffs at last light
A memorable scene from Dances With Wolves
A study of a bedouin tent assignment for one of my gouache classes

Various Gouache sketches for my Atelier class

A first ever attempt at a gouache copy of Frazetta…real fun!
Alabama hills color match excercise from an unknown photographer.
Color match excercise 2… scary brush fire photo.
Color match hazy morning in near monochrome.
Another nearly mono-color excercise.
Yet another color match.
an excercise in which color had first to be matched and then the one shot only opportunity to overlay the effect of hot smoke in very cold air… always a tense event!
Gouache demo 2 hours 6″x8″
Arches… a very cliche subject that is none the less challenging.

This is the opposite view of the attack view last posted… we are now in the in the hanger with the ‘Geeby’ that had just returned standing on its g-beams and the startled crew scrambling for cover as th tull ships scream past..

Introduction of the Arch Villain of The Blunt Force Saga and his simbiot ‘Fumo’

Development sketches of ‘Fumo’

A study sketch of Lars’ hidden ‘Alien Warship’ factory on the remote planet QM2

Study sketches of Lars’ launch facility on QM2…two at a time as to arouse no attention.

Study sketch of the Solnav frigate Yarmouth, a part of the forces Lars will attempt to destroy with his ‘alien warship’ ruse.

Study for a future ‘alien warship’ casualty, with the frigate Yarmouth whistling triumphantly in the background.

typical graphic novel page showing boldly the vile side of the villain Pietro Lars.

Another page with a mining outpost search vehicle locating a missing mineral scout ship.

Blunt Force Saga project / conceptual updates

A new set of  concepts from my planned graphic novel ’ The Blunt Force Saga’.


Sketch 1

The frozen planet of Aptol 7… sixty days at lightpusher speeds from the navbase, and its mining facility.


Sketch 2

The Imag regnum mining outpost on Etamin 5… closest operation to the navbase.


Sketch 3

Design study for the alien craft.

Sketch 4

Rough sketch of the first attack on Etamin 5.


Sketch 5

Preliminary sketch of the first attack on Aptol 7.


Sketch 6

The major mining facility in the dim light of Mizia.

Sketch 7The Ore carrier Blackstar…first test of a home-grown defensive weapon on an asteroid debris field near Etamin 5.