Prismacolor/ink sketches

Dropship ‘ForceAwakens’ concept
SciFi #4
Gozanti Cruiser
Gozanti Cruiser 2
Concept Ship 1
concept ship 2
concept ships 3
concept ships 4
Tilt rotor concept
After Expanse II
After Expanse III
Blunt Force Saga-NavBaseTarsus
Blunt Force Saga-Pulsewave Generator Tarsus
Blunt Force Saga-Concept Ship #5
Blunt Force Saga- Ore Carrier #1 on Nissium3
Blunt Force Saga- Ore carrier in orbit Nissium3
Blunt Force Saga-NavForce Cruiser
Blunt Force Saga-Alien ship concept
Blunt Force Saga-Mining outpost on Etamin5
Blunt Force Saga- Tactical Holosphere
Blunt Force Saga-mining scout vehicle concepts
Blunt Force Saga- Aptol7 typical class 2 shuttle
Blunt Force Saga-Mizia mine facility in moonlight

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