Recent IG posts oil

Plein air near Villa Torrigiani… Tuscany
1 hour demo for ‘Landscape Painting Essentials’ streaming class.
A, largely rearranged, abandoned trailer park scene from photos of the Anza Borrego
A sceene on the edge of Merriman Nebraska
A roadside view north of Potrero California
An abandoned homestead and Ford Galaxy south of Durango Colorado
The Double RL ranch west of Ridgeway Colorado
A 1 hour demo for the ‘Essentials of Landscaping’ streaming class

Canyonlands… an adjusted view with liberties taken in Casein 10×14
Fisher Towers… Moab, Utah
An old fuel depot at roadside…Gothengurg Nebraska
A last light study in Surprise Valley California
Presidio Canyon Park… plein air oil 12×16
Small study showing typical step by step
New Mexico roadside view… typical steps 8×10
Tuscan plein air landscape 12×16
Class demo in San Pasqual Valley
Roadside plein air study in New Mexico
Class demo of an Iowa rail bridge
Large oil from a rainy day cctv shot of Times Square
The Sea House at Sunset Cliffs

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