Gouache Landscapes March 2020

A classic Stardestroyer shot
Chaco Canyon wash 9×13 Gouache study
Abandoned House on Ivanpah Road as it appeared in 2004 before trash eas removed. casein 10×14
a 10×14 casein of the Estudillo House in old town San Diego
A 10 x 14 casein of a charming Santa Fe home on Canyon Road
Chaco Canyo ruins & Fajada Butte
A retake of a famous scene from empire Strikes Back
Chaco Canyon ruins
Martinez Canyon Mine
Chaco Canyon #2
Chaco Canyon # 1
Owens Valley Cottonwoods against the high Sierras
An exposed slope along Japatul Valley Road
The Vermillion Cliffs at last light
A memorable scene from Dances With Wolves
A study of a bedouin tent assignment for one of my gouache classes

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