Continued update posting of design work on The Blunt Force Saga

A new set of  concepts from my planned graphic novel ’ The Blunt Force Saga’.

Sketch 1

Survey crew examines the discovered debris field of an overdue robotic survey craft. They fear two high speed objects seen earlier are to blame.

Sketch 2

The survey crew in their ‘Geeby’ hot footing it back home after their frightening look at the scattered debris.  Sketch 3

Another alien ship design.

Sketch 4

A light transport craft hovering on the typical g-beams at the cold and distant mining outpost on Aptol. 14 light years and 60 days at Lightpusher speeds from Tarsus Base.

Sketch 5

Another tactical holo display design being studied.

Sketch 6

New design for the Frigate Yarmouth.

Sketch 7

The previously unarmed ore hauler Blackstar along side with the first victim of its engineers homegrown defence weapon. Demo on last Watts Atelier live stream.

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