The Blunt Force Saga episode 1 sketches

As a twist on the usual Instagram / blog content I am inserting at regular intervals selected sequential development sketches of my current science fiction project. The blog will be presenting locations, equipment concepts and limited text highlights of this story about what appears to be… but is more than just an ordinary invasion.

Post Intro

This ongoing sci-fi novella… is a tale set in the year 2742, 208 lightyears distant on the fringe of the Orion spur. Humans have developed the Lightpusher drive enabling nearly a light year to be covered in four days. While fast… the distances still take a fearsome toll! A major Navbase and 15 exotic and valuable mining operations, spread across 30 lightyears of the fringe, struggle with unimaginable isolation and now… a fast moving and totally enigmatic swarm of unknown intent!  What follows is an introductory chronological selection of concept and scene development sketches from: The Blunt Force Saga,  episode 1…The coming of the Tull

Sketch 1

The opening scene… Navbase Tarsus 208 light years out in the year 2742

Sketch 2

Tactical holo display of the far flung mining settlements on the fringe. The sphere is 30 light years across!

Sketch 3

The Imag resource facility on Mirach B…the first violent incident will be here!

Sketch 4

The 70,000 ton Lightpusher driven ore carrier Blackstar… standing on its ‘G’ beams at the mining colony on Nissium.

Sketch 5

The Blackstar loaded and exiting Nissium for Tarsus 2.3 lightyears and 10 days away at lightpusher speeds. The trip will not be routine!

Sketch 6

The long reach pulse-wave scan generators on Tarsus that first detected the on-coming menace from across the rift. The distances were so vast that the scan took 61 days to go and return.

Sketch 7

The Navy frigate Yarmouth on a routine slow patrol of the fringe…the calm will soon end!

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